Plan A Memorable Girls Trip: 20 top Destinations World Wide

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Discover the Top 20 Destinations for a Memorable Girls Trip

Are you ready to let loose, unwind, and create lifelong memories with your best girlfriends? Look no further than our ultimate guide to the top 20 destinations for an unforgettable girls' trip. Whether you're seeking sun-soaked beaches, vibrant nightlife, or cultural adventures, we've got you covered. From tranquil retreats in Bali to the pulsating energy of New York City, these destinations offer something for every type of girl gang. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Rome, indulge in retail therapy in Paris, or dance the night away in Ibiza. With our expert recommendations, you can discover hidden gems and must-see attractions that will impress even the most discerning travelers. So gather your squad, pack your bags, and get ready for an epic adventure. It's time to leave the stress behind and embrace the fun, laughter, and bonding that only a girls' getaway can offer. Let's explore and then start planning!!!

Aerial view of central park and the skyline of New York City

1. New York City, USA:

Kick off your girls' trip with a bang in the city that never sleeps – New York City. Spend a day shopping on Fifth Avenue and in the evening catch a Broadway show.  There are plenty of trendy restaurants from which to choose.  New York is also filled with iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty & Times Square, as well as a ton of world class museums.

View of a cliff in Santorini Greece with white washed homes and the mediteranean

2. Santorini, Greece:

For a picture-perfect getaway with your girlfriends plan a trip to the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece.  Santorini is known for its whitewashed building and beautiful water.  It is a perfect spot to lounge with your besties on the beach and enjoy Mediterranean food.

Sunset in Bali with palm trees

3. Bali, Indonesia:

Bali is the perfect place for a tropical escape with girlfriends.  It has beautiful beaches and a vibrant culture.  You can choose to spend your days practicing yoga and getting pampered at the spa.  Or take adventures through the jungle and discover ancient temples.
Eiffel Tower Paris

4. Paris, France:

A girls trip in Paris allows you to indulge in croissants and café au lait at sidewalk cafes in between visiting world-class museums such as the Louvre.  Paris is also home to so many iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe. In the evening you can choose from so many restaurants or do a dinner cruise down the Seine.


5. Tulum, Mexico:

Tulum, Mexico is a great destination for a girls' trip. This bohemian beach town on the Caribbean coast is known for its laid-back atmosphere and ancient Mayan ruins. Spend your days sunbathing on white sandy beaches, swimming in turquoise waters, and indulging in fresh seafood. Don't miss the chance to explore the Tulum Ruins and take a dip in the Gran Cenote.

Ruins in Tulum overlooking the ocean

6. Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo blends traditions and modern culture and is a perfect destination for a girls trip.  You can choose to go shopping in trendy neighborhoods such as Harajuku or explore historic shrines and temples.  Leave time to treat yourself to a spa day. Be sure to try all the local delicacies and check out the nightlife! 

Tokyo at night

7. Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is best known for its architecture and beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean.  Your pals can choose to relax on the beach with cocktails or visit iconic sites such as Gaudi's Sagrada Familia. If your looking for amazing culture and cuisine, this is the spot for your girls trip.

Gaudi Roof Top in Barcelona

8. Dubai, UAE:

If you're looking for a luxurious and glamorous getaway, Dubai is the place to be. From shopping in the world-famous malls to experiencing desert safaris and camel rides, Dubai offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Treat yourselves to a spa day, indulge in delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, and soak up the sun on the pristine beaches of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai - worlds tallest building

9. Maui, Hawaii:

For a more laid-back and tropical girls trip, head to Maui, Hawaii. This beautiful island offers stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and breathtaking waterfalls. Whether you're relaxing on the beach, snorkeling with colorful marine life, or hiking through the majestic Haleakalā National Park, Maui has something for every nature-loving girl gang.

Sunrise at Haleakala on Maui

10. Rome, Italy:

This iconic city is perfect for a girls trip full of history, culture, and of course, delicious Italian food. Explore the ancient ruins, visit the Vatican City, and stroll through the charming streets of Trastevere. And let's not forget about the shopping – Rome is a fashionista's paradise!

colosseum rome
view of the mediterranean from Ibiza - a top 10 destination in spain

11. Ibiza, Spain:

Known for its legendary party scene, this island paradise is the ultimate destination for sun-seeking girls who love to dance until dawn. Spend your days lounging on the beautiful beaches, sipping cocktails at beach clubs, and shopping at the trendy boutiques. And when the sun goes down, hit up the world-renowned clubs like Pacha, Ushuaïa, and Amnesia for some unforgettable nights out with your besties.

12. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

For a girls trip full of tango dancing, wine tasting, and vibrant culture, Buenos Aires is the place to be. Explore the lively neighborhoods, indulge in some delicious Argentinean cuisine, and catch a live tango show. And of course, no trip to Buenos Aires is complete without shopping for some leather goods at the local markets.

Garden path in Marrakech Morocco

13. Marrakech, Morocco:

Escape to the exotic city of Marrakech for a girls trip full of colorful markets, beautiful architecture, and Moroccan cuisine. Explore the bustling souks, visit the stunning Jardin Majorelle, and indulge in a traditional hammam spa experience. And be sure to try some mint tea and pastries at a local cafe!

Opera house in Sydney Australia lit up at night

14. Sydney, Australia:

This vibrant city is known for its beautiful beaches, amazing shopping, and bustling nightlife. You can spend your days sunbathing at Bondi Beach, exploring the iconic Sydney Opera House, or shopping till you drop at the stylish boutiques in the city center. And when the sun goes down, there are plenty of trendy bars and restaurants to check out. Trust me, Sydney is the perfect destination for a girls' trip filled with sunshine and adventure.

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

15. Copenhagen, Denmark:

 This charming city is known for its picturesque canals, colorful buildings, and incredible food scene. You can spend your days strolling through the historic streets of Nyhavn, sampling pastries at the local bakeries, or taking a boat tour of the city. And if you're a foodie, you'll love trying out the delicious Scandinavian cuisine at the numerous restaurants and cafes in town. Copenhagen is the perfect destination for a girls' trip full of culture and culinary delights.

16. Florence, Italy:

This stunning city is known for its Renaissance art and architecture, delicious gelato, and world-class shopping. You can spend your days exploring the iconic Duomo, wandering through the Uffizi Gallery, or shopping for designer goods on the famous Ponte Vecchio. And of course, no trip to Florence is complete without indulging in some of the best Italian food and wine you'll ever taste. Florence is the perfect destination for a girls' trip full of history & culture.

Sky line of Florence Italy

17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

This vibrant city is known for its stunning beaches, lively samba scene, and colorful Carnival celebrations. You can spend your days sunbathing on the famous Copacabana Beach, exploring the historic neighborhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa, or dancing the night away at one of the many clubs and bars in town. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even take a hike up to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue for breathtaking views of the city. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect destination for a girls' trip full of excitement, beauty, and fun.

Aerial view of the city of Rio De Janeiro with views of the mountains behind it

18. Queenstown, New Zealand:

Known for its stunning landscapes and adventure activities, this picturesque town is the ultimate playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're bungy jumping off the famous Kawarau Bridge, exploring the breathtaking fjords of Milford Sound, or indulging in some wine tasting at one of the many vineyards in the area, Queenstown has something for everyone. Plus, the charming cafes, boutique shops, and vibrant nightlife make it the perfect destination for a girls trip.

view of Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown New Zealand

19. Prague, Czech Republic:

With its fairytale architecture, lively atmosphere, and rich history, Prague is a must-visit destination for any group of girlfriends looking to immerse themselves in European culture. Explore the historic Prague Castle, stroll across the iconic Charles Bridge, and sample traditional Czech cuisine at one of the many cozy restaurants in the city. And don't forget to snap a picture in front of the colorful houses of Old Town Square for the perfect Instagram shot.

Aerial view of Prague lit up at night with the cathedral

20. Cape Town, South Africa:

This vibrant city is a melting pot of cultures, offering a unique blend of stunning beaches, lush vineyards, and bustling markets. Take a cable car ride up Table Mountain for panoramic views of the city, visit the penguins at Boulders Beach, and sample delicious seafood at the vibrant V&A Waterfront. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even go shark cage diving or take a safari tour to see the Big Five in their natural habitat.

Arial view of the Pool at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town - a hotel part of the Belmond Bellini Club
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