Travel Insurance

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Photo of Venice captioned Be prepared with Travel InsuranceWhy do you need travel insurance? Most of the time, we plan vacations, we go, we come back and plan the next one. But every once in a while things go wrong. We have seen it all, and can confidently tell you: Buy the trip insurance

We have had clients need to use their travel insurance for all sorts of reasons. Think: emergency surgery; illness diagnosed after a trip was paid in full; having to cancel because your job rescinded your pre-approved vacation time; getting sick while you are away and needing medical attention. These are all real examples of reasons our clients have had to cancel nonrefundable trips.

Trip insurance is based largely on age and total cost of the vacation. The younger you are, the cheaper it is. Regardless, it is well worth the investment. When discussing insurance, clients always ask what we would do, and we tell them: if we go on a big trip, a cruise or a land trip with many non-refundable parts (expensive airfare, hotels, tours that can’t be cancelled), we always buy the insurance. We have spent a lot of money on the trip, and spending a little more for peace of mind that if something does go wrong, there is help and reimbursement. That is a good investment.

Which insurance should you buy? We sell comprehensive plans that cover you for trip cancelation for covered reasons (usually medical, or as mentioned above, work reasons, but there are others), as well as medical coverage while you are gone. We also have CFAR, or Cancel For Any Reason. You are probably thinking, “I can’t really cancel for any reason, can I?” Indeed, you can. This coverage comes with strict requirements, including the need to purchase it right away when you make your deposit. Also, you will likely get back around 75% of the total out of pocket with CFAR, not the full amount.

When you are ready, we can walk you through the choices.