World Cruise

Map of the world captioned so many places to see on a world cruiseFor many people a World Cruise is the ultimate bucket list vacation. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Be warned – after your first one, you may be hooked an decide to do another, and another, and another. Between four and six months, you don’t need to choose where to go on vacation, as you can go almost everywhere.

These long cruises are a significant investment in your travels, and we work with you to choose the perfect cruise for your needs. We handle all the details: helping to choose your suite, and making all the pre- and post-cruise arrangements, including air, hotels, and any tours. We’ll handle your custom shore excursions, and add in as many extras as we can.

world cruise - a cruise of a lifetimeWhile you are thinking about a World Cruise, here are  few questions to ask yourself (we’ll ask you the same questions, so it is helpful to have some ideas!)

  • Do you prefer the large production shows and huge spas on a large ship? Or do you prefer the intimacy of a small ship?
  • Are there specific ports you wish to see? Once we choose an itinerary, we will start planning the custom excursions for your most important ports.
  • When you imagine yourself on vacation for months at a time, do you have any concerns? We can address all of those. We’ll even give you suggestions on how to handle things back home while you are gone.

Whatever your World Cruise wishes are, we can help fulfill them. We are looking forward to working with you to create the vacation and cruise of a lifetime.