Unique Land Vacations

Unique Land Vacations - image of stunning resortAre you the kind of person that wants to march to the beat of your own drum? Do you want to travel on a vacation customized to your every need and desire? Wonderful! We LOVE planning these types of trips. So many possibilities in our Unique Land Vacations!  Let’s talk about what you love and want in your next unique customized land trip.

Unique Land Vacations for you:

Explore the Himalayas on an Everest foothill trek in Nepal? check mark

Tango lessons in Argentina? check mark - Unique Land Vacations 1

Mosaic making in Rome? check mark - Unique Land Vacations 2

Touring the Louvre with an Art Historian? check mark - Unique Land Vacations 3

Play with elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand? check mark - Unique Land Vacations 4

Visit Angkor Wat at sunrise? check mark

Piranha fishing in Peru? check mark

View the Big 5 in Africa, with cocktails along the way? check mark

Thrilling adventure from Mexico City to the Yucatan Peninsula? check mark

All of these and so many more with your perfect hotels, transportation, and every detail handled for you.