Luxury Travel

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photo of elephant caption Is luxury an up close and personal visit with a localWhat does luxury travel mean to you? 

Is it…

A lavish, 1500-square foot suite on a cruise ship complete with outdoor jacuzzi?

Front row seats to the hottest show?

Having a museum all to yourself before it opens to the public?



photo of champagne and caviar Does luxury travel include a private plunge pool in a gorgeous, exclusive resort, overlooking mountains and the ocean?

An insider glimpse into exclusive artisan workshops in Italy?

A private cooking classes in the mountains of Thailand?

Visiting secret rooms at the Vatican or the Forbidden City in Beijing?


photo of basket weaverSimply time to relax and enjoy your surroundings?

An overwater bungalow in Tahiti or the Maldives?

Ice fishing in Finland?

A remote log cabin on the arctic circle?





hammock on a beach - captioned "Is Luxury Solitud?"We’re not here to define luxury for you. Rather, we are here to bring to reality your vision of luxury. 

From personalized itineraries, unique destinations, exceptional services, abundant amenities, extraordinary comfort, local dining, private transportation and personalized attention: Let us make your luxury vacation vision a reality with a memorable journey with our commitment to details and your satisfaction.