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Planning Your Dream Northern Lights Travel Adventure

If you’ve always dreamed of witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights, then it’s time to start planning your ultimate Northern Lights travel adventure. From what to pack to timing your trip, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to make your dream a reality. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey under the dancing lights of the aurora borealis.

View of the northern lights

Choose the right time and location.

When planning your Northern Lights travel adventure, it’s crucial to choose the right time and location. The Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are most commonly seen in regions near the Arctic Circle, such as Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These areas offer the best chances of witnessing this natural phenomenon. Additionally, it’s important to consider the time of year. The Northern Lights are typically visible during the winter months when the nights are longer and darker. We can advise you on  the peak viewing times for your chosen destination to maximize your chances of experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Northern Lights.

Pack the right gear and clothing.

When embarking on your Northern Lights travel adventure, it’s essential to pack the right gear and clothing to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The Arctic regions can be extremely cold, so it’s important to dress in layers to stay warm. Start with a base layer of thermal clothing, followed by a fleece or wool sweater, and top it off with a waterproof and windproof outer layer. Don’t forget to pack a warm hat, gloves, and thick socks to protect your extremities from the cold. Additionally, investing in a good pair of insulated boots will keep your feet warm and dry while exploring the snowy landscapes. Finally, don’t forget to bring a sturdy tripod for capturing stunning photos of the Northern Lights.

Where to stay: The Reykjavik EDITION

When planning your Northern Lights travel adventure, one important consideration is where to stay. Located in the heart of Reykjavik, this luxury hotel offers a stylish and comfortable stay with stunning views of the city and surrounding landscapes. The hotel features modern and spacious rooms, a rooftop bar with panoramic views, and a variety of amenities to enhance your stay. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat or a luxurious getaway, the Reykjavik EDITION is the perfect choice for your Northern Lights travel adventure.

Where to stay: Hotel Continental Oslo

Located in the heart of the city of Oslo, this luxurious hotel offers the perfect base for your Northern Lights adventure. With its elegant rooms, world-class dining options, and impeccable service, Hotel Continental will ensure that your stay in Oslo is nothing short of extraordinary. Plus, its convenient location makes it easy to explore the city and experience all that it has to offer. Book your stay at Hotel Continental and make your Northern Lights travel experience truly unforgettable.

Where to stay:  Grand Hotel Stockholm

This hotel boasts beautiful frescoed ceilings and luxurious public rooms that are considered national treasures. Guests can enjoy individually designed bedrooms, complimentary high-speed internet, and access to the renowned Nordic Spa & Fitness. The hotel staff is dedicated to creating personalized experiences for each guest. Dining at the hotel is a culinary delight, with Michelin-starred chef Mathias Dahlgren leading the way at Matbaren (The Food Bar) and Rutabaga.  Make the Grand Hotel Stockholm in Sweden your base for your Northern Lights adventure.

Where to stay:  Eleven Winterlake Lodge Alaska

Located on the western edge of the Alaska Range, Winterlake Lodge offers a luxurious and immersive experience in the midst of wild and rugged mountains and glaciers. Situated on 15 acres along mile 198 of the historic Iditarod Trail, the lodge provides stunning views of peaceful Finger Lake. Guests have the option to arrive by floatplane in the summer or ski-plane in the winter. The lodge offers a range of exciting activities, including fly-fishing or rafting on remote rivers, helicopter trips to active glaciers for summer dogsledding, and hiking on historic trails with the potential to catch a glimpse of Mount Denali, the tallest peak in North America. In addition to these adventures, all guests are treated to complimentary massage sessions, yoga classes and wine and cheese tastings.

Be patient and flexible with your plans.

When planning your dream Northern Lights travel adventure, it’s important to be patient and flexible with your plans. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and they can be unpredictable. It’s possible that you may not see them on your first night or even during your entire trip. However, if you’re patient and willing to adjust your plans, you increase your chances of witnessing this breathtaking spectacle. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be open to changing locations or adjusting your itinerary to maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Remember, the experience of chasing the Northern Lights is an adventure in itself, so embrace the journey and enjoy the beauty of the destinations you visit along the way.

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