Love is in the Air: Romantic Hotels in Paris

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A Guide to the Most Romantic Hotels in Paris

Ah, Paris, the city of love. What better place to spend your honeymoon than in the most romantic city in the world? With its charming streets, iconic landmarks, and delicious cuisine, Paris is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway with your new spouse.

But where should you stay during your honeymoon in Paris? With so many incredible hotels to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to book your stay. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the most romantic hotels in Paris, the city of lights, to make your decision a little bit easier.

Hotel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience, look no further than Hotel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel. This historic hotel, located just steps from the iconic Champs-Elysees, offers impeccable service, opulent decor, and breathtaking views of the city. Romantic dining options at the hotel  include  L’Ecrin; the distinctive Nonos & Comestibles par Paul Pairet; Jardin d’Hiver; and Les Ambassadeurs bar.  At Sense, A Rosewood Spa, you can enjoy couples pampering with its carefully curated menu of East Asian- and French-inspired treatments.

Bar Les Ambassaduers at Hotel de Crillon - a romantic hotel in paris

Bar Les Ambassaduers at Hotel de Crillon

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

This iconic hotel is located in the heart of Paris, with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River. The beautifully decorated rooms, impeccable service, and exquisite dining options make it a top choice for couples looking for a luxurious and romantic stay. Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, take a romantic stroll along the Seine, or sip champagne on the hotel’s rooftop terrace as you watch the sun set over the city.

Experience two distinct culinary experiences at their romantic gourmet restaurants. Indulge in a relaxed dining experience at La Bauhinia, where you can savor casual and delicious fare. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors of Cantonese cuisine at the renowned Michelin-starred Shang Palace.

La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa

If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa is the ideal destination. Nestled in the upscale 16th arrondissement, La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa is a hidden gem that offers the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. The hotel’s opulent rooms, personalized service, and intimate atmosphere make it a popular choice for honeymooners looking for a romantic escape. Indulge in a couples’ spa treatment, savor gourmet cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, or simply relax in the hotel’s lush garden for a truly magical honeymoon experience.

Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa

For a truly romantic experience, consider staying at Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa. This charming hotel, located in the heart of the Marais district, offers a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Relax in the hotel’s beautifully landscaped courtyard, or treat yourselves to a couples massage at the hotel’s spa. The spa offers a serene, Zen-inspired atmosphere with treatment rooms, a jacuzzi, and a hammam. Enjoy traditional French meals like ratatouille and the chef’s famous chocolate soufflé which are served at the hotels on-site restaurant Anne.

Out door patio at Le Pavillon De La Reine - A romantic hotel in paris

Le Pavillon De La Reine

Romantic Places to dine in Paris

Paris, known as the city of love, is the perfect destination for honeymooners looking for a romantic escape. With its charming streets, beautiful architecture, and delectable cuisine, Paris offers a magical setting for a memorable honeymoon. One of the most romantic experiences in Paris is dining at a top-notch restaurant with your loved one. If you are looking for the perfect spot to celebrate your love, here are some of the best romantic restaurants in Paris that you won’t want to miss.

Le Jules Verne:

Located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, Le Jules Verne offers a truly unforgettable dining experience with panoramic views of the city. This Michelin-starred restaurant is known for its exquisite French cuisine and impeccable service. Enjoy a sumptuous meal while admiring the twinkling lights of the city below, making it the perfect spot for a romantic evening with your significant other.


If you are looking for a more intimate and elegant dining experience, look no further than L’Ambroisie. This three Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the heart of the Marais district and is renowned for its exceptional French cuisine and luxurious atmosphere. With its cozy ambiance and impeccable service, L’Ambroisie is the perfect spot for a romantic candlelit dinner with your loved one.

Le Procope:

For a touch of history and romance, head to Le Procope, the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Paris. Established in 1686, this iconic restaurant has hosted famous figures such as Voltaire, Napoleon, and Benjamin Franklin. With its cozy and charming ambiance, Le Procope is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner with a touch of old-world charm. Indulge in classic French cuisine and fine wines while soaking in the rich history of this legendary restaurant.

Le Cinq:

Located in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel George V, Le Cinq is a refined dining experience that exudes elegance and romance. The restaurant boasts three Michelin stars and offers a menu of classic French cuisine with a modern twist. Honeymooners can enjoy a romantic meal in the stunning dining room adorned with chandeliers and floral arrangements.


This intimate restaurant near the Trocadéro gardens is a hidden gem for honeymooners seeking a unique dining experience. Chef Pascal Barbot creates inventive and beautifully presented dishes that showcase the best of French gastronomy. The cozy atmosphere and impeccable service make L’Astrance a perfect spot for a romantic evening.

Le Grand Véfour:

Founded in 1784, Le Grand Véfour is one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Paris, making it a must-visit for honeymooners seeking a taste of history and romance. The Michelin-starred restaurant features a menu of classic French dishes served in a stunning dining room adorned with elegant décor and artwork. Honeymooners can dine in style at Le Grand Véfour and experience the magic of Parisian fine dining.

Romantic things to do in Paris

  1. Take a leisurely stroll along the Seine River: The Seine River winds its way through the heart of Paris, offering breathtaking views of iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. Take a romantic stroll along the riverbanks and watch the sunset over the city for a truly unforgettable experience.
  2. Enjoy a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens: The Luxembourg Gardens are a lush oasis in the middle of Paris, perfect for a romantic picnic with your loved one. Pack a basket with French delicacies and a bottle of champagne, and spend the afternoon lounging in the beautiful garden setting.
  3. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower: No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Take a romantic elevator ride to the top of the tower and marvel at the panoramic views of the city below. Share a kiss at the top and capture the moment with a photo to cherish forever.
  4. Explore Montmartre: Montmartre is a charming neighborhood known for its bohemian atmosphere and artistic heritage. Wander hand in hand through the cobblestone streets, visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and enjoy a romantic dinner at a traditional French bistro.
  5. Indulge in a wine tasting tour: France is renowned for its exquisite wines, and what better way to celebrate your honeymoon than with a wine tasting tour in Paris? Visit a local vineyard or wine bar and sample a selection of fine wines with your partner.
  6. Take a romantic cruise on the Seine: There’s something undeniably romantic about cruising the Seine River at night, admiring the city’s illuminated landmarks from the water. Book a private boat tour for a truly intimate experience that you’ll never forget.
Eiffel Tower Paris

Cruising by the Eiffel Tower

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